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Massage tips for your benefit

There are a few basic things one should know before receiving a massage. If you are the one who is going
to give the massage, you will probably want to tell your friend something along the lines of the following
The best way to receive a massage is ..without clothes. Even a minimal amount of clothing, e.g., underwear or
a swimming suit, will get in the way of whoever is giving the massage, will require him or her to leave
certain important muscle groups unmassaged, and will deny you what is perhaps the single most pleasant
sensation of a complete massage, that of the total wholeness and connectedness of your body. If,
however, to remove all your clothes would make you feel extremely nervous, then leave something on.
The main thing, after all, is that you enjoy your massage. But do take off whatever you comfortably can.
Also remove rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, glasses and anything in your hair. And most important
of all (so that your eyes can be massaged), contact lenses.
Whoever is giving you the massage will tell you whether first to lie down on your stomach or on your
back. Either way, make sure that the top of your head is roughly even with the end of the table or the
padding on which you are lying. Rest your arms at your sides.
Once you feel settled in place close your eyes. Then focus your attention on your breathing; this will
almost immediately bring you more in touch with your entire body. Breathe either through the nose or the
mouth. Let your breath get as long and smooth as it wants to be without, however, forcing it to do so, and
let it flow as deep towards or into the pelvis as it can go. Try to sink yourself more and more into the
present moment, letting thoughts drift out of your mind as easily as they have drifted in.

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